Bazic 2 HB Pencil Pre-Sharpened 12 pk


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PRESHARPENED 2 PREMIUM PENCILS. Each pack comes with 12 presharpened pencils to save you time and hassle. Sufficient quantity can meet your different demands and replacement.CLASSIC BARREL. Made from premiumquality wood pencil is bonded with a breakresistant number two core for smooth writing as easily erased. Hexagonal shape prevents rolling and comfortable to hold.QUALITY. Pencils are 2 HB for general writing, drawing and sketching. Pencils glide smoothly over paper and is highly break resistant. Pencils include a smudgeresistant eraser top for convenience.LATEXFREE ERASER. The smudgeless eraser is latexfree, which provides enough toughness for heavy erasures. These smudgefree erasers wipe the page clean, making corrections easy and fast.WIDE APPLICATION. Suitable for all general writing applications such as notes, letters, and you can use it for office, classroom, home and other occasions.


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