New GPC Guyana

Limacol, Ferrol, Codol, Nutrophos, Alcosulph Lotion and Cream, Rubbing Alcohol

Wisdom Toothbrushes

Wide line of toothbrushes (smokers toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaners, floss)

Abbotts Lab

Includes Simlac Baby Milks, Ensure & Glucerna,

Q C – Quality Choice Products (CDMA)


Disposal medical products and devices (gloves, bibs, doctor’s examination table paper, syringes, needles etc

Honsei Ginger Teas


Children Vitamin C Syrup, lifestyles sexual wellness products (condoms, lubricants etc)

Easy Touch

Glucose test strips, Syringes, Alcohol prep pad, Alcolado

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