Medipride Stretch Gauze Bandage 3 x 4 12s


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OPTIMAL WOUND CARE EVERYTIME Perfect for hospitals, schools, healthcare institutions, lifeguards, athletes and even for your home first aid kit, these premium quality, sterile, conforming stretch gauzes are ideal for wound care in a variety of situations arm or leg injuries, ankles, elbows, wrists or knees. Perfect for your first aid kit and a musthave for athletes, school nurses, parents and more!CUT TO YOUR NEEDS Convenient and easy to use, each bandage roll is easy to cut according to your needs, depending on the different wound. Made from very soft high quality, latex free material, Medpride conforming stretch gauze rolls make sure the wound stays protected and clean throughout your day. The best shield against dirt, germs or any other potentially harmful threat.EASY TO USE CONVENIENT These disposable, absorbent rolled dressing wraps are extra strong and durable, yet elastic and soft on the skin, without causing any irritations. The elastic design ensures that the bandage does not slip from the wound, even during intense movements. The Medpride conforming gauzes are very pliable and feel super comfortable on the skin.


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