Medipride Fab/Ad Bandage 2 x 4.5


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PROTECT ANY MINOR WOUND RIGHT ON THE SPOT Cover any wounded part of your body with the most effective fabric adhesive bandages by Medpride that can secure the affected area from dirt and germs and wick away moisture helping it heal easier and faster. A great way to stop bleeding and prevent the contamination of torn skin, our flexible bandages are perfect for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters and more!HYPOALLERGENIC ADHESIVE LATEX RUBBER FREE Along with their breathable, lightweight and flexible quality, these fabric bandages are also latex and rubber free to cater to all different skin types. Plus, each bandage is coated with hypoallergenic adhesive, making it a safe and suitable choice even for the most sensitive skin. Comfortable, supportive and with a nonstick pad, our wound care bandages gently cushion any wound and prevent reinjuries.STERILE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED READY TO USE ANYTIME Individually wrapped to remain clean and hygienic until use, you can easily keep a couple of wound bandages always in your bag and be ready for anything the day may bring. Our soft bandages are also 100 sterile so you can use them with peace of mind for any type of wound for you or your children.


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