Medipride Combine Pad 8*10


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EXTRA THICK ABSORBENT Our ABD pads are designed to be used when highabsorbency is the only way to go. Made with a fluffy inner that can absorb and dispense fluids, our sterile abdominal pads are simply a musthave for all FirstAid Kits.SUPREMELY SOFT SCRATCHLESS Made with silkysoft, nonwoven material, the outer layer feels like a really soft fabric and never scratches even tender, healing incisions. Furthermore, the sealed edges, prevent unwanted leakages.INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED We make sure to preserve our pads quality as best as possible by individually wrapping them. This way we ensure that they reach you in pristine condition, fully sterile and ready to be used.PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING From post operation wounds, to injuries, diabeticvein ulcers, heal wounds and traumas, our 5 x 9inch pads can help you against any type of heavy exudates.


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