Bazic Bible Word Finds Vol 99-100 Puzzle Book


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Offer contains ONLY 2 titles regardless of the order quantity placed for this listing. Set of volumes may vary. Ordering in multiples will not change the volume received. Image is meant to display the type of book you will be receiving only.BRAIN TEASING. Perfect Puzzle Book for all ages to learn. Enjoy puzzles, maze, word search, or crosswords! This puzzle book is ideal for people on the go and will provide hours of entertainment.FUN CHALLENGING. Exercise your brains longterm memory, working memory, executive functioning, attention to detail, multitasking, and processing speed. Perfect gifting item for those who love word search puzzles!RELAX, RECHARGE, REFOCUS. Puzzle word finds book is great for both kids, adults, and senior for learning, practicing, and having fun time. Challenge for everyone from beginners to pros.OFFICIALLY LICENSED. Highresolution printing. Perfect for family and children activities at home, classroom, or travel. Offer your little one an interesting, educating and significant book.


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