Centrum Men 50+ 65ct

Centrum® Men is personalized for men and helps support muscle function, energy, immunity, and metabolism.  Centrum® Men also has higher levels of vitamin D3, a preferred source of vitamin D. Providing essential nutrients, Centrum® is backed by over 35 years of nutritional science to bring you the most complete multivitamin. Most recommended. Most studied. Most preferred. For the Most Important Parts of You®


  • ENERGY: B-vitamins and iron to help support daily energy needs.
  • IMMUNITY: Antioxidants, such as Vitamins C, E, Beta-Carotene and Zinc, to help support normal immune function
  • METABOLISM: B-vitamins to aid in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins
  • MUSCLE FUNCTION: Vitamins D and B6 help support muscle function


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